Little Miss Sweet Tooth

For a while I had fallen into a really healthy trend, or at least a healthier one than any I was ever use to.  I was taking two or more yoga classes every week.  I stopped drinking diet soda, then I stopped drinking regular soda, then I stopped drinking soda all together.  I started to drink more water and more clear liquids.  I drastically reduced the amount of junk/fast/dessert foods that I usually constantly ate.  I was feeling great.  2014 has given me some of the happiest times of my life.

But over the last few weeks it’s all begun to dwindle.  I started drinking soda again, slowly at first.  But then I started drinking it a little more frequently, and then I started drinking diet soda again.  I’ve started to stop at Georgetown Cupcake and Baskin Robins on a weekly basis, and I wasn’t even doing that before!

I’ve begun blowing off yoga classes, which happens from time to time.  But, it’s not like me to blow off more than one class in one week.  Or, to only take one yoga class a week, like I’ve done for the last several weeks. The worst part are the cravings.  The constant daydreams and desires for cakes, pies, chocolate, ice cream, chips, Indian food, what have you.  It’s all reeking havoc.  My skin looks horrible.  I’ve begun to loose that naturally high, joyous feeling I usually harbor.  I’ve been becoming frustrated more easily.  I just don’t feel as good.

Today I’ve started to get back on track.  I went to the mall before work to stock up on makeup, and I bypassed the Indian food and the jalapeño pepperoni pretzel dog that I badly wanted from the food court.  I got a strawberry banana smoothie instead.  When I got to work there were a tin a sugar cookies in the break room.  I took three initially…but than I put two back, and ate only one.  I’m going to go to yoga tomorrow and Saturday, and I’ve already gone Tuesday.  I almost never have a bad week on any week that I take at least two or three yoga classes.

I’m ready to stop feeling moody and sluggish and to start feeling like my usual, perky self again!

On my day off yesterday I went over to Leann’s to trade massages with her and James.  I’ve traded massages with other therapists on my days off plenty of times before…but not two other therapists, at the same time! Leann and James We each had a turn on the table, and the other two worked on the therapist on the table simultaneously.  We split the body into upper and lower, and gave each other four-handed massages.  It felt pretty awesome, and we had a blast, and I was so chilled and relaxed by the time I left. makeup  I’ve been running low on eyeshadow, so I stopped at Sephora on my way to work.  I bought myself the Lolita eyeshadow pallet from Marc Jacobs.  I’m now going to proceed to search google and pinterest for makeup tutorials with this particular pallet since I’m one of those women who are makeup ignorant.

Trying to still take care of myself through massage, self-care retail therapy, and in many other ways until I start feeling better.   I have to admit that I was definitely in better spirits today than I have been all week.

I hope all of you are feeling a bit more balanced this week than I am! Namaste.


With Cooler Weather Comes a Stricter Wedding Budget

I walked out into our living room this morning and was startled to find how brisk the room felt. I knew instantly that the temperature had dropped outside overnight, and I was right!  It was in the low 50s.  The high temperatures this entire week will only reach the mid-seventies.  It’s coming.  Fall is coming.

And with this Fall comes our ever impending wedding which will be happening early next Fall.  Time is dwindling.  That year mark until our wedding will be upon us very soon.

Alana and I sat down this past week and really planned out our wedding budget.  We sat down together and really looked at how much it was all going to take.  I honestly think I’ve been putting off doing this for weeks.  I’ve been nervous that crunching the numbers would only provide us with a whirlwind of stress and anxiety that would only deepen as the weather grew colder. Instead, I’ve felt very calm since planning our budget.  I’ve felt good, even.  Confident.

A year ago I was so heartbroken and bitter about having to pay for my own wedding.  I felt gypped that I couldn’t be handed a beautiful, pristine wedding like so many of my friends got without paying for it themselves. (spoiled brat much!?).

So to feel powerful, and responsible, and good about being able to do this for myself, and for my fiancé, feels amazing.  Not only do I no longer feel bitter about paying for it, I feel grateful.  Grateful that I’m able to.  Grateful that I have a career that I love that allows me to pay for my own wedding.

Alana and I were going to go to hot yoga Saturday morning, but I slept in until 11:00 AM, and we decided to skip it.  We also meandered out for some amazing Indian food for lunch.  We also bought a bottle of white wine and opened it, even though we already finished a bottle of red wine between the two of us earlier this week.  We also started season 1 of Battlestar Galactica on Netflix and fell into that for several, several hours.

Indian Food

I honestly think that lazy weekends and lazy vacations are my favorite thing in life.

I’m happy that Alana and I are able to pay for our own wedding.  I’m grateful we’re getting the wedding that we both want. I’m thankful that knowing just how much were investing into it hasn’t caused a whirlwind of anxiety that’s going to last over the next year.  I’m happy that I’ll be marrying a woman who loves Indian food as much as I do.

I’m happy the weather is getting colder.  For with it’s coldness comes many new journeys to embark on.




  Alana and I spent this entire weekend with both sides of our family, and it was fantastic.  We celebrated the first birthday of her second cousin, her niece’s third birthday, and my oldest brothers last year in his thirties!  We only got a precious few hours to ourself Saturday morning, which we spent watching Frozen for the very first time (we loved it!)  

  I normally feel very chaotic when a whole weekend goes by and I barely get anytime to just relax at home.  I feel gypped, and kind of like the weekend didn’t happen.  I was thinking that I would definitely feel that way about this weekend with all the running around we were doing to all of these birthday celebrations, but I didn’t at all.  I felt fantastic.  I had a great weekend, we both did.  Because we were with our families.  

  When Alana and I talk about our future it’s always with a plan to eventually move off the East Coast.  We talk about picking up and moving to California, Colorado, Hawaii, or the Portland/Washington area.  I’ve only lived in this one state my entire life,  over the span of two counties that lie side by side with one another.  This is all I’ve ever known.  Sure, I’ve traveled.  I’ve been to Mexico and The Dominican Republic, and Canada.  

  But this is the only home I’ve known.  I’ve only lived on the East Coast of the United States, and there’s a very big world out there.

  Alana has always wanted to live in California, or somewhere on the West Coast herself, and we talk about raising a family there in the future.  Or at least picking up and moving for a few years, just to try it out.  Just to experience what life could be like outside of this area.

  After spending this wonderful weekend with our family Alana confessed to me “I wouldn’t be surprised if we never moved out of the area.”  I asked her what she meant, although I didn’t have to.  I knew what she meant.  Who would want to leave this? The plethora of close family and close friends around that we both have independently of each other, and trifold as a couple? There’s so much love, warmth, and help surrounding us hear.  I feel like all of these ties will only deepen when we actually get married next Fall.

  Are we ever going to be able to leave? Is it smart to? Can I really leave most of my family and friends behind to go have an adventure elsewhere?

 A big part of me thinks that I can’t, but a bigger part of me thinks that I can.  I think I do want to leave someday, even if its only for a few years, more than I want to stay without ever leaving.  I’m too curious.  The world is too big, and I want to experience it.

  Here’s to hoping that we come to a decision together, when the time is right.  Here’s to hoping that our hearts end up desiring the same thing.

  Cause at times there are clouds in my head, and stars behind my eyes, and I can feel myself being the type of woman who totally goes off for some time and has an adventure.


I Am Now Officially A Certified Yoga Instructor!

  Alright, guys.  It’s happened.  It’s come.  My hours have been complete and my yoga teacher certificate arrived this past weekend in the mail!

  To say that I’m thrilled is an understatement.  It was a really long Fall, Winter, and Spring as I trekked through eight months of yoga teacher training.  It was one of the most profound experiences of my life, but it came with a lot of work.  And I don’t mean the constant study of asanas, and breaths, and learning how to sequence yoga poses.  I mean the delving into myself, the work I had to do when ego, fear, and anything dark came up.  If starting yoga set me on a path to truly start discovering myself, than starting yoga teacher training set me on a path to mastering myself.  

  I’m proud of myself.  This is the third holistic trade certification that I’ve gotten in three years, adding on to my Reiki Master certificate and my massage license.  I’m excited to see what I’ll do from here.  And where I’ll go with these three trades under my belt.  

  Only the future can tell, yeah? 



Tales of Inversions, Lost Car Keys, and Long Distance Friendships

This week has felt like an absolute dream.  It seemed like a piece of cake, and it passed by so calmly.  It’s like I barely felt the work days, the hours upon hours of labor, and the wishing of it all to just be over.

Having Monday off all day with the love of my life helped, I’m sure.  Tuesday was fun and joyous.  Wednesday morning, on my day off, I decided to practice forearm stands and handstands.  I almost never practice any yoga at home.  97% of my practice happens in a yoga studio, and only about 3% at home.  I especially never work on my inversions or challenging poses that I’m trying to master.

So I was extremely surprised and bewildered to find that I was able to hold both a forearm stand and a handstand…for several moments at at time!  It was a first for both, and I felt elated and strong.  My body, going into them, felt like a different body from the one I had this past winter when I was practicing my headstands at home.  Both of these inversions were just so much more….available to me.  It wasn’t hard to find the strength.  Because of this it was easy to trust myself to hold my body upside down while playing around with finding that balance…that precious balance where your body is perfectly aligned, hips over shoulders, belly engaged, head below heart, mind free and wild.

This experience showed me that I need to practice at home this Fall.  My body has changed over the Summer with all the yoga classes I’ve attended weekly, and its time to get playful.  And to set new goals for myself.

Afterwards I trekked over to Ayanna’s and we exchanged massages.  I haven’t seen her since she went on maternity leave in March (and never came back to work!) Her baby is beautiful, just like her older son.  We hadn’t traded massages in probably a year, and it was nice to catch up and laugh while we rubbed out each others knots.


Afterwards I traveled far North to have dinner with one of my very best friends, Jesse, who is in town from Georgia for a wedding.  She only comes to town 2-3 times a year, and so it’s only then that we get to see each other.  She’s going to be our second bridesmaid when we get married next Fall, and her daughter is going to be one of our flower girls. We had dinner with a few of her other friends, and we all ordered drinks and laughed and stuffed ourselves silly.   It was an amazing evening to an already amazing day.


I lost my car keys for the second time in two weeks at work last night, and at first I was upset, and panicked, and frustrated.  But, Alana picked me up from work last night and dropped me back off again this morning (I keep a spare key at home).  My car didn’t get stolen, broken into, or ticketed.  Everything ended up okay, and now the weekend is here.

Alana and I have plans to start it out with a restorative yoga class tomorrow morning before celebrating the birthdays of three of our family members this weekend!  All these birthday festivities are going to require lots of money and lots of driving, but it’ll come with family, love, and laughter.  I’m feeling grateful for friends, especially long distance ones.  Or ones that I haven’t seen since there was snow on the ground.

I’m feeling grateful for the strength of my body, and for it’s healthiness and it’s progress.  As I am every week, I’m grateful that I found yoga last Fall.

I’m grateful for my fiancé, and for her willingness to pick me up from/drop me off at my job when my scatter-brained self lost my keys once again.

I’m grateful for both our families.  I’m grateful that it’s the weekend.

I’m grateful that I survived another week, and for my ability to find bliss in the small, everyday things.


hot yoga babes

Labor Day 2014: Today Is a Fairytale, Tomorrow Starts a Journey

    Today is Labor Day.  It’s Monday, September 1st.  Alana and I slept in until 11:00 AM, and that never happens anymore.  I’m almost never able to sleep in that late anymore, whether with her or without her.  Her working two jobs prevents us from sleeping in together, let alone that late.  My busy life filled with early hot yoga classes before work, early massages on my days off, or errands to run before work prevents me from sleeping that late on my own.  In the beginning of our relationship I slept until noon most days of the week.  On the weekends we constantly slept in until 11:00 AM or noon together.

  Those days are gone.  We are older now, with adult lives, and adult responsibilities.  Sleeping in is a gift, sleeping in together is paradise. And sleeping in together and having a whole day off together? Is a fairytale.  Today is a fairytale.

  Which seems so fitting, as we’ve spent all weekend and today falling into season 3 of Once Upon a Time now that it’s available on Netflix…

  Season 3 of this show is very different from seasons 1 and 2, and I’m very much enjoying it.  And one thing I really find myself enjoying, and identifying with, is the need and longing for family that all these main characters seem to possess.

  Alana and I have been together three years this Fall.  Next fall we’ll be getting married on our four year anniversary, and the fact that this Fall is swiftly approaching has my heart pounding in my chest.  This is my last year as a single, unmarried woman. My life is going to be different after this year.  Drastically different.  I’ve never been married before, and neither has she.  This is a brand new journey for us.  I’m anxious, thrilled, excited, nervous, and about a million other emotions I feel I could list for days.

  This need and longing for family that I’ve been feeling lately isn’t being felt alone.  Alana feels it too.  I’ve had a cat for 7 years now, and we both love and parent her together.  But, we feel the need for more.  Our love has created a bigger space than a cat can fill, and we talk about rescuing a puppy after we marry next Fall.  We talk, sometimes, about putting a baby in my belly sooner than we use to speak of.  We plan on getting a townhouse a couple of months before the wedding to make space for these things that we desire and long to have together.

  This is it.  Fall is coming.  This is the last year of my life before things get really serious.  Before there’s a townhouse.  Before there’s a marriage license, and eventually, a marriage.  Before there’s a wife, before there’s a puppy.  Before we’re actually really going through the process of looking at getting me with child.

  I’m anxious.  I’m young.  I’m old.  I’m ready.

  This Labor Day is the start of me being thrown into an immense journey, and I’m determined to enjoy it as often as I can.


  [pictures from this past week]

Movie Review: The Giver (And yes, I’ve read the book!)

I’d like to start off by saying that I absolutely adore this book, “The Giver” by Lois Lowry.  It’s a very quick, easy read (at least in my opinion) yet so enjoyable at the same time.  I love how deep and meaningful the book is despite how innocently it’s written.

  The movie was….pretty good! Nothing amazing, nothing life-changing.  But I’d definitely call it enjoyable.  They modernized it, which I feel was obvious from the movie trailers and commercials for it.  I was honestly pretty skeptical going in.  Not just because it’s a book that I love, but because it’s been out for over a week and I feel as though I’ve hardly heard anyone talk, tweet, or make much of a peep about it.

  But my fiancé and I both enjoyed it! Out of five stars, I’d give it a three and a half.  I think it could be very enjoyable for teenagers, or anyone who likes the book.  Don’t expect a miracle, this movie is nothing epic.  However, I did feel touched,  and my eyes did tear up a few times.

  The ending was abrupt and a bit anti-climatic.  It ended exactly like the book did, but I don’t think it translated as well on film. I kind of left feeling like I wanted more of the story to be wrapped up.  My fiancé felt the same way as well.

  Expect to see a few friendly faces, such as Meryl Streep, Katie Holmes, Taylor Swift, and Alexander Skarsgard (Eric from True Blood).

Full-time holistic healer, part-time yogini, aspiring lesbian housewife.


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