Movie Review: The Hunger Games: Mockingjay, Part 1 (And Yes, I’ve Read All Three Books!)

I’ve read the entire series of The Hunger Games by Suzanne Collins, and I was honestly bored and underwhelmed by the first half of the third book, Mockingjay.  I loved the second half of it, because all of the action pulled me in, but the first half I found to be dull and anticlimactic.

That being said, and also stating the obvious fact that this book did not need two movies, they did a great job with part 1!

There was action, and it was well done and enjoyable.  The character development was fantastic, especially in Katniss and Gale.  Julianne Moore played a marvelous Alma Coin.  She was Coin.  So much about this movie and the characters in it ran true to the plot and characters in the book.

This movie was emotional.  It truly put you into the heart of this series, as you see Katniss discover just why she needs to become the mockingjay as a symbol again. You see so much death, havoc, and destruction wreaked by The Capital in this movie.  As the fandom world would describe it, this movie gives you the feels.

Out of five stars I give it four.  I recommend that you go see it!

I’m definitely feeling ready for Mockingjay, Part 2, for we all know that all the action we seek lies there.

I’m Having Too Much Fun Putting Together Our Save-the-Date Fridge Magnets

Today, on my day off, I decided to take some time and browse a few save-the-date magnets on the internet since we plan to mail ours out before Christmas.

For some reason that I can’t quite understand now, setting this time aside today was causing me anxiety!

Until today I’ve been feeling anxious and stressed out all week.  I’ve just felt like there’s so much on my plate to get done this month, and not enough time to do it all and rest/relax enough.

It’s blowing my mind that this tiny step of wedding planning has been causing me anxiety all week.  It took almost no time to google search save-the-date fridge magnets, and even less time to find a website that is exactly what I was looking for.  This image here is the first rough draft, and the first magnet that I put together.  Not only did I do it all in under five minutes…I had so much fun with it!


I continued to have fun as I put together a few other magnets, browsing different templates, styles, and choices.  As giddiness and excitement replaced the anxiety in my belly, I had a huge epiphany: Why does wedding planning have to be stressful?

It doesn’t.  Point blank, it doesn’t.  I’ve had such a good time putting magnets together this morning, and I still have hours of “me” time to veg out and chill out.  On Saturday Alana and I are planning to put a few of these together ourselves, and possibly make a choice and order them! We also plan to browse the David’s Bridal website because our appointment with them to register our bridal party is next Saturday!

These plans, along with my plan today of browsing magnets has been causing me anxiety. And for what? So that I can end up having fun and enjoying the experience of putting all of this together?!

I’m going to a take a major step back from letting myself become anxious about the wedding planning that needs to be done.  We still have so much time to plan everything and it should be fun!  I should have had the great time I had this morning doing all of this.  It’s our wedding! Weddings are exciting, and we are so excited to be getting married.

Major epiphany.  More fun, less stress.  I’m going to worry less and strive to enjoy all of this planning.

I hope you’re all having a great hump day.  I’m greatly enjoying my Wednesday off much more than my previous anxious mind was thinking I would!

I’ve Always Wanted a Dog, But MOST People Urge Me Not To Get One

Growing up my parents never allowed us to have a dog.  I begged and begged from the time I was six or seven, but it did no good.

They didn’t want the mess that a dog can cause.  They didn’t want the pet hair all over the house, or their furniture being chewed on.  It took them almost a decade to allow me to get a kitten, and even then, I could only have one and no other pets besides her.

She’s still alive, and Alana and I love her dearly, but we often talk about rescuing or adopting a puppy after we get married next Fall.

What absolutely surprises me and blows my mind is that when I bring this up with most people, most people being friends, coworkers, clients, family, etc, they urge me to not get a dog or a puppy!

Some people give me reasons as to why we shouldn’t rescue a puppy.  And I mean, some.  They’ll tell me how much work they are, how much money they cost, and all the ways that they are going to destroy our future townhouse.  They tell us that we’ll have to stay home all the time, and that going on long trips will be harder.

I know that they are right on all of those accounts, but here’s the thing: I’m still surprised that I get more support to not get a dog than I do to get one!

The times when I feel the most unsupported is when people don’t give me reasons.  They just dramatically shake their head back and forth and mutter something like “Just don’t  Just don’t.  Trust me, just don’t.

I’m one of those people who really takes to heart the advice I hear via word-of-mouth.  In my opinion, at least in the area I live in, the people I surround myself with and the people around me are pretty intelligent.  After bringing up certain topics and asking for advice from a large panel of different people, I feel pretty reassured and like I’ve gotten good advice.  So to get so much support to not add a dog to our newly budding family is discouraging!

Especially since I’ve never had a dog before, and I’d be going into this experience as an inexperienced first-timer.

Alana’s family had dogs growing up.  In fact, they had three! They are all still alive and are still living with her parents.

She wants to get a dog or a puppy as much as I do.  She’s had them before, and she’s much more experienced and confident than I am, and I’m almost sure that we will end up getting one.

Despite all the lack of support we get.  Despite all the advice we get not to.

Again, I just find this whole thing surprising, and so I thought I’d share.

Tales of a Jam-Packed, Fun Weekend That’s Left Me Tired and Burned

This weekend was super busy.  This weekend was jam-packed.  This weekend was full of both family and friends, a movie date, and a bikram yoga date with fellow yogis!

On Friday night Alana and I saw Interstellar in IMAX at 10:45 p.m.  The movie was great and we absolutely loved it, but we didn’t get home and into bed until 3:00 A.M.  I woke up at 7:30 A.M. Saturday morning to meet a few yoga friends for a bikram yoga date.  The class was great, and I enjoyed it, but it was such a small amount of sleep compared to what I’m use to.

After yoga on Saturday Alana and I went shopping for new Winter coat, gloves, and accessories. We both bought beautiful coats for well under $100, which we both felt pleased with.  And then we met Alana’s old high school friend Kris and his new husband Nick for dinner.


We met at an expensive restaurant that has been recommended to Alana and I for years.  The food was absolutely amazing, but the company was even better.  So many of our friends are already married, and many more of our friends are in the process of becoming married.  But, Nick and Kris are our only gay friends who have married and who’d like to start a family some day.

It was so nice talking with another gay couple.  I think that we, too, are their only gay friends who are taking this plunge.  All four of us are under the age of thirty, but older than twenty-five, so many people in our lives are getting married…but most of these marriages are heterosexual.  Like Alana and I are doing, they also paid for their own wedding! And, just like Alana and I, they have frustrations and many emotions tied in with the process of same-sex parent family planning.

It was so nice and comforting for the four of us to talk about all of this.   They asked us so many questions, and we asked them lots of questions as well.  We all four vented about the huge financial cost it takes for same-sex parents to start their own families.  Kris completely identified with my feelings of “Do I spend thousands traveling, or do I take the said thousands and use it to start a family?”  As I’ve blogged before, I sometimes feel so alone and different with these kinds of thoughts and frustrations, so it was so nice to talk and connect with another gay family about all of this.

After Alana and I got off of work on Sunday we went to my brother’s to celebrate my oldest niece’s and my youngest niece’s yearly joint birthday party.  It was fun, and warm, and welcoming, and there was lots of good food.  I love seeing my family and spending time with them, and 98% of the time I come home from a family visit feeling positive, fulfilled, and happy.


We came home to our Sunday night shows, Once Upon a Time, and The Walking Dead.  It was a weekend full of family, yoga, work, and friends, but today I just feel drained.  I feel like I didn’t sleep enough, I feel like I didn’t veg out enough.  I didn’t watch a single t.v. show on Netflix, and that amusingly makes me feel kind of sad!

I’m feeling a bit burned out, and so I decided to adjust my schedule this week.  I’m going to sleep in tomorrow instead of going to hot yoga, but I’m going to re-arrange my yoga schedule so that I’m still getting that release.  I’ve scheduled a massage, as well as a few more days to sleep in, since we’ve got the midnight premier of the new Hunger Games movie coming up later this week!

Hoping that I can catch up on some sleep so that I can enjoy the rest of this week.  Last week was pretty stressful and horrible for many reasons, so I’m sending reiki that this week will pass more pleasantly.

I hope you all had a great weekend, and that you’re not already feeling burned out like me!  Until next time, my lovelies.

I’ve Finally Decided To Stop a Habit That Is No Longer Serving Me

I haven’t written in a while, but things have mostly been going extremely well.  Everything except one thing in my life has been close to perfect since October turned into November, and the weather has gotten colder.

This one thing has kind of been a “thing” for a while.  But I’ve been ignoring it, and coming up with excuses as to why I don’t need to change it.  It’s a habit, and something that I’ve done daily for some time now.  And, something that has no longer been serving me for a while, even though it use to bring me happiness in my past and serve me greatly.

So I decided yesterday that I was going to slow down/cut out this habit completely, so that I could feel good about everything in my life, and not just almost everything.

This morning was a little rough for me.  My body was sweating.  My mind was growing more and more anxious.  I didn’t feel good, and it was hard, and challenging, and I needed to throw myself into something.

So I got onto YouTube and watched yoga tutorial videos of how to get into crow pose, and then I went to my living room and proceeded to practice crow pose.  And then I started practicing tripod headstands, and then went onto practice my handstands and forearm balances.

For the first time ever today I took a tripod headstand.  I took several of them, and held them for long lengths of time.  I didn’t even know that I could do this pose.  Before today, I’ve only done classical bound headstand.

For the first time ever today I also held a few crow poses! I’ve never really been in that pose, not like I was today!

And it just all blew my mind! What I was capable of, and what my body was capable of, when I stopped a habit that was no longer serving me and threw myself into something that serves me greatly (my yoga practice.)

After close to an hour of practicing these inversions my body was no longer sweating and shaking.  My head felt clearer.  My heart was pumping, and I felt great.  Ecstatic.  Proud.  More confident

So I decided to continue this trend and head to a yoga class that I’ve been putting off going to for over a month because I’ve been too busy lazing around at home and feeding my habit.

I invited a yogi friend to go with me, and I’m so glad that I did.  I told him in the car about my addiction, about my weening, and about how it’s no longer serving me.  Sometimes just talking with someone, and getting the words out, and getting it all out into the universe helps.  It definitely helped tonight, and taking that yoga class tonight cleared my head even further.

Now I can say that I’m finally working with crow pose.  Now I can say that I can do two types of headstands instead of one. Now I’ve just spent a day doing great things with my body and my mind, instead of curled up on my couch in the fetal position crying, sweating, and shaking.

Wow.   What a beautiful day this turned out to be.

Thank you for reading if you read to the end, but I needed to get that all out.  I need to get this habit, this dependency, out of my system, but I’ve got a strong headstart on it by making some good choices today.

The Sneak Peak Photo From Our Engagement Photoshoot

Yesterday, Alana, our engagement photographer, our photographer’s husband, and I drove half an hour North to a beautiful park where the Fall leaves were perfect.  And there we spent three hours doing our engagement photoshoot!

The shoot went fantastically.  It was so much fun.  Our photographer posed us on and against many different architectural structures, landscapes, and terrains.  In a few shots, her husband held a pile of leaves in his hands, and let the leaves blow in the wind to cascade over us.  We took several different shots with the seven Harry Potter books around us, some with our heads bent, reading.  We took shots of us near a river with ducks, against an old red barn, on many different benches, in the sun, against trees.  The four of us just walked and walked, and wherever our photographer saw inspiration is where we headed.

Sneak PeakI’m so, so, so pleased with how this sneak peak turned out.  I can’t wait until our photographer finishes editing the rest of our shoot!

We’ve been engaged for a year and a half now, so to finally have this shoot done is so exciting!  It was the first step of our wedding planning, right after booking our venue.

Now comes the save-the-dates.  Now comes the final invite list being prepared.

This shoot has started a whirlwind of wedding planning that’s about to start now that it’s been finished.

Getting the rest of the edited photos will only be the start of it all!

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