About Me


The Lady:

  Hi!  I’m Jasmine.  I’m 26 years old and I work full time as a registered massage practitioner.  I’m also a certified Reiki Master, as well as a certified yoga instructor.

  I jumped into yoga and yoga teacher training in September of 2013.  And yes, I started yoga at the same time that I started teacher training for it! It was a crazy decision, but I’m known for making those.  It was one of the best decisions I’ve ever made in my life.

  I’m engaged to the woman of my dreams.  We are planning to get married in October of 2015 =).

  I enjoy reading, coffee, blogging,  Netflix, social-networking, wine, and sleeping.  I constantly devour books,  fantasy fiction series being my favorite.

  I’m at my best and brightest when I’m spending time with the people whom I love.  My friends, family, and fiancée mean the absolute world to me.

This Blog:

  This is a personal blog (if you couldn’t already tell!)  When I started this blog I didn’t quite have a set direction for it, and I just wrote whatever came to me.  I write a lot about my life with my fiancé, my aspirations, and my weekend and daily adventures in this crazy world we live in.  Occasionally I can get political or talk about things other than myself (gasp!)  I’m quite the book-devourer, so there will be the occasional book review thrown in.  Possibly a few movie reviews thrown in as well.

  I love meeting new people so please don’t be shy.  Or better yet, subscribe, and take this ride with me.  =)

A disclaimer, about the lady & this blog:

  In the tagline of this blog I name an aspiration of mine to be a “lesbian housewife”.  That’s just a joke/me trying to be witty/me trying to attract your attention.  If I were to put into words what my true aspiration in life is at this point, it’s to be a happy and successful holistic-trade career mother of a same-sex parent, biracial family.

  And, really, in it’s essence, this blog is my journey to reaching that aspiration.  Namaste.  Enjoy.


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A personal blog with yogic undertones and lesbian tendencies.


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